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Enjoy the cozy atmosphere at your home or take a delightful lunch break at work.

Our restaurants stand out for their delicious dishes, prepared with special care and high quality ingredients. Life's too short for bad experiences with food and therefore we make sure that our partners maintain the high quality of prepared dishes. We deliver the food you order to your doorstep in less than 1 hour and it is our pleasure to serve you with delicious dishes.

Facts about KlikniJadi.mk

Was established in early 2015. and we offer delicious dishes from more the 100 restaurants in Skopje. We are in negotiations with new restaurants every day and we work hard to provide a great variety of foods for every taste.

Our Vision

We will be the preferred partner for companies in Skopje, in need of catering services to the workplace. We will serve our customers with a high level of service and prompt delivery.

Our Mission

We will fulfill the need for providing a delicious and quality food to individuals and companies in Skopje. 

Work with us!

Turn your restaurant to our service today. Contact Lidija Dimova (Director) 070 50 30 47

or send us an email to [email protected]

Cooperate with us!

 What do you get when you work with KlikniJadi.mk:

  • Your menu online,
  • Delivery of all your dishes in Skopje
  • Promotion of your restaurant
  • Professionally processed photos of your dishes and the most important
  • Increase your turnover without additional investments.


Our marketing team

Meet the team of creatives who work hard and daily to be recognizable, unique, impressive ...

The fantastic presence on social networks is crucial for the development of every field at this time, so by bringing together the best in their field, forming a team that will help businesses, small and large, to achieve a better effect.

Through creative design, photo and video production, precise Facebook ads development and well-thought-out content, we achieve fantastic growth.

So far, the following partners have trusted our digital marketing and marketing services:




Support line 02 3060 200
KlikniJadi is not accepting card payments at the door anymore. Payment with credit card is only available online.

In your profile, under orders, at the end of each order there is an online payment button.

For online payments KlikniJadi charges a small fee of 10 denars.

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