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  • Online Ordering

Enjoy fast online food ordering with our advanced catering application.

  • Always On-time delivery

Prioritized delivery service free of charge. (normal price 2.5 EURO/Order)

  • Responsive service

We're are always here to help you via email, phone or live chat.

  • Experienced drivers

Our premium fleet is at your service

  • Extraordinary Variety of Restaurants

We work with the best restaurants in the city and we have more then 50 000 different meals for you to choose from

  • Payments via Invoice

Enjoy your meals and let our accountants take care of the rest. We offer 15 or 30 days invoicing period.



  • Click here: and then click on ‘COMPANY’
  • Fill in the required fields and click REGISTER. We will send you an e-mail with activation link.
  • Go to your e-mail account and find the email from Klikni Jadi, open it and click on the activation link.
  • Your profile is now activated and you can login to your company account on


For any questions, problems or more information do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]

or give us a call at 078 478 014 and ask for the manager.



After the successful registration on, you become the ADMINISTRATOR of the profile and you need to complete the following steps:

  • In "PROFILE" select

-        SELECT A RESTAURANT from which the employees can order. (max. one restaurant per order)

-        CHOOSE THE DELIVERY TIME when you want your food to be delivered.

-        SET DAILY BUDGET foreach employee.

  • In "ADDRESS" fill out where we need to deliver your order.
  • In "EMPLOYEES" Register all the employees in your company and fill the following information for each of them:

-        Name and surname

-        User name / e-mail and password

-        The daily budget approved by the company



Quick and easy process and delivery, whether for one or 100


There are two main ordering options:

1)     Group Ordering

The Administrator chooses the meals for the employees and makes a single order for all of them,


2)     Individual Ordering

Each employee can order separately within the admin limitation for: Budget, Time of Delivery and Restaurant


Group Ordering

The ADMINISTRATOR ordersfood for all the employees, from any restaurant and without limitation.


Individual Ordering

Each Employee logs in to his profile on, where the menu of the restaurant selected by the Administrator shall be visible.

-        Selects a mealand adds it to cart.

-        Writes a comment / message for the restaurant and clicks on ORDER button.

-        The order must be completed no later than 1 hour before the selected delivery time by the Administrator.



ORDERS ARE AUTOMATICALLY LOCKED EVERY DAY, AN HOUR BEFORE THE SELECTED TIME FOR DELIVERY of the order and are sent to the restaurant so that there is time for the restaurant to prepare your order. Example: If you choose as a delivery time 12:30, orders are locked at 11:30 am, which means that your employees will not beable to order after 11:30 am for delivery on the current day. Orders made after 11:30 am will be entered as delivery orders for the next day.


THE ADMINISTRATOR WILL HAVE A DETAILED OVERVIEW OVER ALL THE ORDERS from the employees at all times, further more he/she is able to make changes to the orders of the employees before they are sent to the restaurant.


For any questions, please contact us via e-mail or by phone. Looking forward to hearing from you - Team Klikni Jadi (Click Eat)

Lidija Dimova Director  & Owner +389 70 50 30 47 [email protected]

Support line 02 3060 200
KlikniJadi is not accepting card payments at the door anymore. Payment with credit card is only available online.

In your profile, under orders, at the end of each order there is an online payment button.

For online payments KlikniJadi charges a small fee of 10 denars.

Имате прашање? Побарајте не на +389 2 3060200

Thank you for your understanding,
KlikniJadi team
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